State Membership Chair: Rodney Hughes

Excerpt from the AAFA Articles of Organization (see Article V, Membership).

Membership:  Membership in AAFA is institutional, with each member institution accorded equal status.  Institutional membership eligibility in AAFA shall be accorded representatives of higher education which require at least two years of academic credit of graduation and which have legally granted the authority to award degrees where the institution must be constituted with a governing board, the institution must be accredited or be in the process of being accredited by one or more nationally recognized accreditation agencies, the institution must operate an independent physical plant and must maintain the position of principal administrator in direct supervision of the physical plant, or buildings and grounds of such entity with the academic credits granted by the institution accepted toward the earning of a baccalaureate or higher degree by the institution of by the transfer to institutions which require four years of academic credit for graduation.

Honorary Membership

 A person who has made a specific, outstanding, and valuable contribution in the field of college business management to this organization or other organizations or associations may be elected to honorary or life membership by the Board of Directors.  Such a person shall enjoy all the privileges of the organization except those of voting or holding office.

Membership Classifications

  1. Institutional membership: The Institutional Representative, the principal administrator responsible for the physical plant of the institution or the system (multiple institutions) shall be the official representative of the member institution and eligible to vote.

Any college, university, junior college, technical college or community college in the state, private or public, offering associate degree or higher: or

(a)    is accredited by an appropriate accrediting association recognized by the Board of Directors of the Association; and

(b)   qualifies under Section 115 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code (or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).

  1. Associate membership:  Associate membership shall be afforded to physical plant professionals, administrators and supervisors (other than Institutional Representatives) employed at member institutions, including systems.  Associates can hold elective office, and are able to hold appointive office and exercise the rights and functions of the office.  There are no limitations to the number of Associates from each member institution.  Associates are eligible to vote.
  1. Affiliate membership shall include all professional personnel employed at educational institutions/systems, engaged in work related to physical plant administrators and having an interest in AAFA professional activities.  There are no limitations on the number of Affiliates.  They are not eligible to hold elective office, but shall be able to hold appointive office and can vote.
  1. Subscribing members are professional personnel employed by business(s) or branch office(s) that have an objective administration.  Subscribing members cannot hold elective or appointive office and cannot vote.
  1. Emeritus Membership – Emeritus Membership is granted to AAFA members who have retired in good standing and whose written application for Emeritus Membership has been approved by the Treasurer. Emeritus members may participate in Annual Meetings, are entitled to receive all AAFA mailings, may serve in appointive offices, and are eligible to vote, and do not pay annual dues.